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2023/24 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Geography

Contact:Jamie Mullen
d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
  GEOG1000Planet Under Threat
isadGEOG1040Dynamic Landscapes
  GEOG1051Living Earth
  GEOG1175Exploring the Physical Environment
  GEOG1400Digital Geographies
  GEOG1450The Urban Age
  GEOG1500Global Geopolitics, Migration and Uneven Development
  GEOG1550Population, Society and Space
  GEOG2000Research Approaches in Human Geography
  GEOG2015Career Skills in Geography
isa GEOG2016European Alps Field Class
isa GEOG2017Mallorca Field Class
isa GEOG2018Portugal Field Class
isadGEOG2020Political and Development Geographies
 dGEOG2035Geographies of Economies
isadGEOG2046The Making of the Modern City
isa GEOG2055Citizenship and Identity: Comparative Perspectives
isadGEOG2062Sustainability: Living Within Limits
isa GEOG2080Earth Surface Processes
isa GEOG2085Ecosystems: process, pattern, and change
isa GEOG2090Climate Systems
isa GEOG2095Skills for Physical Geographers
isa GEOG2100Planning Services for Changing Populations
isa GEOG2116Research project and skills in physical geography (geological mapping route)
isa GEOG2117Research project and skills in physical geography (geography dissertation route)
isadGEOG2140Political and Development Geographies: The shaping of the world
  GEOG2150Social and Spatial Data Analysis with GIS
  GEOG2155Towards a Zero Carbon Future
isa GEOG2315Hydrological Processes
isa GEOG2415Glacial Processes and Landforms
isa GEOG2515Climate of the past
isadGEOG2661Social Ecological Systems
isa GEOG3005Retail Location Planning
isa GEOG3020Numerical Methods and Statistics
isa GEOG3034Tropical Forests: past, present and future
  GEOG3050Helsinki : Urban Growth and Sustainability
isa GEOG3065Water Science & Management
isa GEOG3085Contested Cities
isadGEOG3121Creating Alternative Futures
  GEOG3135Urban Transformations Field Class
isa GEOG3140Advanced Population & Health Geographies
  GEOG3145Exploring the Mediterranean Migration Crisis
isa GEOG3195Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis
isa GEOG3290Geographies of Global Insecurities
isadGEOG3291Geographies of Global Insecurities: New Dynamics
isa GEOG3341Environment and Development in South-East Asia
isadGEOG3440Environment, Conflict and Policy
  GEOG3535School and Educational Placements
  GEOG3605Physical Geography Dissertation
  GEOG3615Human Geography Dissertation
  GEOG3630Human Geography Dissertation (Quantitative Methods)
  GEOG3665Professional Work Placement
isa GEOG3669The Cryosphere
  GEOG3675Geographical Research Opportunities
isadGEOG3690Tropical forests and sustainable development
isa GEOG3711Hydrological Monitoring and Modelling
isa GEOG3981Spaces of Migration and Encounter
isadGEOG3982Spaces of Migration and Encounter: Concepts and Contemporary Experiences
  GEOG8300Industrial Placement
  GEOG9001Year Abroad


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