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2023/24 Selected Undergraduate Module Index

School of Psychology

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d = discovery module
skd = skills discovery module
isa = available for incoming Study Abroad
  PSYC1036Research Skills 1
  PSYC1037Research Skills 2
isadPSYC1601Introduction to Psychology
isa PSYC1603Developmental Psychology
isa PSYC1604Social Psychology
isa PSYC1607Cognitive Psychology
isa PSYC1608Perception
isadPSYC1610Forensic Psychology
  PSYC1614Psychology at Leeds
isadPSYC1618Psychology in the Media
isadPSYC1619Psychology for Healthy Minds
  PSYC1625Biological Approaches to Psychology
  PSYC1626The biological psychology of sex, drugs, and politics
isa PSYC2503Psychological Disorders
isa PSYC2504Advanced Social Psychology
isa PSYC2510Advanced Developmental Psychology
isadPSYC2512Evolution and Human Behaviour
isa PSYC2518Cognitive Neuroscience
isa PSYC2521Individual Differences
  PSYC2522Research Skills 3
  PSYC2523Research Skills 4
isa PSYC2553Memory and Language
isa PSYC2554Perception, Action and Cognition
isa PSYC2555Neuroscience
  PSYC3190Project: Intercalated Programme
  PSYC3403Joint Honours/Intercalated Programme: Psychological Disorders
  PSYC3404Joint Honours/Intercalated Programme: Advanced Social Psychology
  PSYC3410Intercalated Programme: Advanced Developmental Psychology
isa PSYC3418Joint Honours/Intercalated Programme: Cognitive Neuroscience
isa PSYC3421Joint Hons/Intercalated Programme Individual Differences
  PSYC3422Intercalated Programme: Research Skills 3
  PSYC3423Intercalated programme: Research Skills 4
isa PSYC3453Joint Hons/Intercalated Programme: Memory and Language
isa PSYC3454Joint Hons/Intercalated Programme: Perception, Action and Cognition
isa PSYC3455Neuroscience
  PSYC3501Health Psychology
  PSYC3502The Biopsychology of Human Appetite
isa PSYC3505The Spatial World
isa PSYC3507Applied Psychology: Critical Issues
isa PSYC3510Reasoning and Decision Making
isa PSYC3514Occupational Health Psychology
  PSYC3519The Psychology of Eyewitness Testimony
  PSYC3520Major Project
isa PSYC3527Techniques in Human Neuropsychology
isa PSYC3528One Brain, Two Hemispheres
  PSYC3533Clinical Psychology: Cognitive Behavioural Formulation for Disorders
isa PSYC3538Development of Language and Literacy
  PSYC3539Cognition and Emotion
isa PSYC3540Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Psychology
isa PSYC3543Biopsychosocial Issues in Ageing
isa PSYC3544Applied Social Psychology
isa PSYC3545Work Psychology: Applying Theory to Practice in the Workplace
  PSYC3546Criminological Psychology: Violence, Drugs and Sex
isa PSYC3548The Biopsychology of Human Energy Balance
isa PSYC3549Feminist Social Psychology
  PSYC3550Politics on the Brain
  PSYC3553The Psychology of Faces
  PSYC9001Year Abroad


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